Understanding the Bible

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HERMENEUTICS is the technical term for the study of accurately interpreting the words, and especially the writings, of someone else.

I’m convinced that the attempt to make the Bible relevant needs to begin with hermeneutics.

And to make it easier for me to delve into this wide and complex – and often avoided – subject  I decided to personifying Hermeneutics.  And I gave him (of course) the name Hermen (of course).



After spending so much time with him, he has now become a close friend of mine.  A friend I didn’t really understand for many, many years.  A friend I took quite some time really to get to know.  But now a very valuable friend.

In My Journey with Hermen, I introduce this friend to you.  Particularly because he has opened my eyes to some really basic and vital considerations that need to be taken into account when looking at any part of the Bible.

My Journey with Hermen 

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This document is the result of a fact-finding junket (to use today’s terms) to ancient Egypt to see what I could glean there about the writing of the CREATION ACCOUNT of Genesis 1.

I was interested in finding out things like this:

How come the Creation story found in Genesis 1 gained a place in the Bible?  Why was it written in the way it was?  Why did it come to be written at all?  If I give my imagination free rein here’s what it comes up with.

The Creation Account


I’VE ALSO LET my imagination move into the a story-telling mode as I try to understand the message of the first few chapters of Genesis — the account of the CREATION, the account of the FLOOD, and the story of ADAM AND EVE.  This is the result:

Three stories from the beginning of Genesis


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Now for the results of another fact-finding visit I made.  This time to Palestine, to the village of Bethany.  To inquire about the writing of the HISTORY BEFORE ABRAHAM (as recorded in Genesis 2:4–11:23).  Again I was interested in things like:

Why did Genesis 2:2-11:32 gain a place in the Bible?  Why was it written in the way it was?  Why did it come to be written at all?  Here’s what my imagination comes up with.

History before Abraham


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