Cryptic Crosswords and Short Stories


I reckon Cryptic Crosswords are great fun.images-6

Their double meanings challenge me to think beyond the square.

The sense of humour in the clues tickles my fancy.

The laying out of red herrings in the clues often gets me right off track.

Finally, somehow, finding my way back to the solution gives me many ‘Ah’ moments.

By means of these few pages I hope I can help you to share in my fun.

Cryptic Crosswords



Short Stories


The night that changed my life   A year or two ago I saw an SBS documentary on The Universe by physicist Dr Brian Cox.  He opened my eyes to one thing that the science of cosmology and religion have in common.  Well, WILL have in common – maybe billions of years from now.  The discovery of this common ground really caught my attention.  Especially since religion and science (especially cosmology) have been at loggerheads for ages.  Only recently I thought it may be appropriate to celebrate this common ground somehow.  The result is The night that changed my life.  This story begins well into the future when cosmology finally shares the characteristic that has been traditionally part of religion.  Dr Cox’s prediction has finally come about.

Is therapy going to help?   I don’t know how often preachers think about what’s going on in the minds of those who are listening to their sermons.  I know it didn’t enter my mind very much at all.  But now listening to sermons, I think about it all the time.  And it’s become a bit of a problem for me!

Joe appeals for a lower case   Here’s a guy who doesn’t like the name he’s been given.  So he’s taking the appropriate steps to fix the problem.  Only this isn’t just any guy.

The Life of Prants    I recently read the book ‘Protestants’ by historian Alec Ryrie.  I certainly appreciated the wide and comprehensive view he gave me of protestantism from its beginnings, and even into the future, as he sees it.  If this story will encourage others to read this book I will be happy.

No, no, sit over here  Ever wished that you had a better seat in an auditorium or stadium?  Because you would get a better view of what you came to see.  Sometimes I wish I had a better view of what the Bible is saying to me.  Now and then it happens!

Aussies need all the help  It’s not easy to understand exactly what Paul’s letters in the New Testament mean for us folk today.  And there’s quite a process involved in gaining clarity on that meaning.  Here’s a possible solution.

500 reasons for a new Bible   Would a new Bible — updated, written by inspired writers directly addressing you and me and the issues we are facing today — would a new Bible be of assistance to the church?

Three stories from the beginning of Genesis   Here are stories about the 3 major stories at the beginning of the Book of Genesis — The Creation, the Flood, and Adam and Eve.  The amazing thing is that I actually met these stories.

The Ocean Rescue Liner  The church has used a variety of ways to explain the rescue that God holds out to the human race.  Here’s an adjustment to one of the common pictures of salvation.

The Ox’s Tale   Here’s an ox who reflects on what it means to be yoked to the Lord.

The Goat and Sheep Farms   I’ve never heard anyone say they want to go to one of these farms.  I’ve been told to go there more than once.  One day when I realized that’s where I was, I decided to take advantage of the situation.  And then I was at the other place, too.



Grandkid stories  Here are a few short stories I wrote for and about our grandkids.  They cover a variety of situations.  And show what great grandkids they are.  Latest addition June 2020.

Life isn’t meant to be serious    Apart from saying that this begins with a nightmare that many people wouldn’t even dream about, I really have nothing more to say.

Maggie, don’t give up   A magpie tries to make a difference. 


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