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imagesBehind what you read on this page you may detect my awe at the way in which the Word of God, written so many years ago, still speaks God's message of mercy and love to us today.
I stand in awe of the way in which the writers of those books made the messages they received from God speak so directly to the readers of their day.
And I consider the ways in which we readers today get to hear that same message addressing the world in which we now live.
I look at the Bible in general, as well as the Creation Accounts in Genesis.

I know all kinds of resources for worship are available these days.  And yet there are some resources that I haven’t been able to find.


I have looked at the readings for each Sunday in the 3-year Lectionary in an attempt to arrive at a THEME for worship on that Sunday.  And I think it is imperative that that theme gives God's GOOD NEWS for each worship service.
I do this to help those involved in PLANNING worship services.  AND to assist those attending worship to PREPARE themselves for worship at the coming service.
I have also looked in detail at the PSALMS chosen for each Sunday.  I am struck again and again by the profound praise and prayer that these Psalms contain. But often that doesn’t become apparent when these psalms are read in worship.  The worshipper may even get the impression that these psalms don’t seem to speak to the situation, or even the faith, of those gathered for worship.  I have been hoping for a long time to find some kind of adaption of these wonderful prayers and songs of praise so that they clearly shout out the faith of those who have used them in the past.  But to no avail. So I’ve taken the bull by the horns and reworked all the psalms used in worship, trying to make them a little more up-to-date and usable in Christian (as opposed to Old Testament) worship.  Of course, you may regard my efforts as a complete waste of time.  And that doesn’t depress me at all – because in the process the bull gave me one of the rides of my life!


And I've been looking for more resources for PERSONAL PRAYER AND WORSHIP.  So I have made some slight adaptions to the adaptions I have made of the Psalms to encourage their use in personal worship.
There is also an order for Prayer at the end of the day, called COMPLINE, which has been used in monastic communities for ages. I have found this of benefit as before-bed prayers. And I have adapted Compline for personal use.


images-2Newspapers give such a detailed and extensive picture of human society.  Just think what we may learn if we happened to discover the newspapers of Biblical times.
Well, why not??
All it takes is a bit of imagination.
So, come with me into the daily lives of Jesus, and of Moses, and Joshua, and Gideon, and Samuel, and King David, and . . .

And even moving forward 1500 years to WITTENBERG


images-5The parables Jesus told are great stories. Many of us almost know them backwards.  But sometimes the common events in life that they deal with are not common events in our lives.  And we end up listening to an explanation of the parable instead of the parable itself.  You may wonder what stopped Jesus from contacting me before he told some of his but-it-doesn’t-happen-like-that-today stories.  You may also realize why he didn’t – and why it didn’t even cross his mind.

 No no, don’t ignore this page.  It MAY be that you could join me in enjoying these challenging and enjoyable puzzles.  Or you may make a firm decision to forget about them forever.  Either way, you will find out why I enjoy them.

And I have just one SHORT STORY (so far).  It begins with a nightmare that not many people would even dream of.  It's called LIFE ISN'T MEANT TO BE SERIOUS.

BY THE WAY, these bits and pieces are what happens:
- when a Lutheran Pastor retires in Adelaide,
close to the 'headquarters' of his church;
- when he needs a break from gardening;
- when he has some time between wood-carving projects;
- when it's too hot or too cold to muck around in the shed;
- when he has 'misplaced' his wife's list of jobs to be done;
- when he has overlooked the requests made by his
grandkids to go to places and do things;
- when he needs more than cryptic crossword puzzles to keep his brain active;
So . . . the lesson you might take from this page is



7 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces from Neil Stiller

  1. Very straightforward and clear to get to all your writings. You have done a lot when you list them all like the above. I must get Sonia to have a look. She may have a comment or two to make.
    I also am pleased to say that I have already read all these writings and they are all very enjoyable. Anyone who wants to attempt them will enjoy the read.


  2. Thanks Neil,
    I look forward to using your work for reflection and enlightenment.
    I’m assuming you have not put copyright on your work, but of course I will attempt to note you as the author and source. I plan to share your ‘Bethlehem News’ in the Advent Christmas season.
    God bless, Peter Hage (St Mark’s Mount Gravatt, QLD)


  3. Wow what a find, I was just browsing the lca worship pages when your page popped up.
    Thank you for this valuable resource. We have printed off the 2nd Bethlehem edition to share with all at our Carols night this Saturday, and commandeered a small space under the editorial for our Christmas Service times. I look forward to using your work for lent and Easter.
    blessings Kerry Groch Pastoral Care Worker Our Saviour Rochedale Qld


  4. Best resources website I have come across and it’s all for free. Thank you so much. I teach in a Lutheran School and we need more of these engaging resources, which also boost literacy.


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